Can we paint in cold weather?

Watch out for temperatures! With the onset of winter and lower temperatures, care must be taken when applying paint or plaster outdoors. The ideal is to paint between 10 and 20 ° C. Below 10 ° C paints dry much slower and below 5 ° C water-based paints do not dry at all. Low temperatures combined with high air humidity may also cause whitish traces...


Colors of the year 2022

The specialists of Akzo Nobel's global Eastethic center have once again chosen magnificent shades and created extremely successful color combinations. The 37 carefully selected colors are clear, light, natural and stimulating hues that perfectly reflect the desire to gain greater confidence and a new way of seeing the world. They have been compiled...


Free service check at Wagner

For economic and safety reasons, it is a good idea to check paint sprayers periodically. WAGNER service personnel will now check your paint sprayer. This service check (60 min.) Is free. (excluding transport costs) You will also benefit from a 10% discount on any necessary accessories and wearing parts. This offer is valid from November 15,...


Sikkens Color Sensor - High-Tech gadget or essential tool?

The Color Sensor is a compact colorimeter that allows you to find a color in seconds. We were able to get one a few weeks in advance and our first tests are rather promising. The octagon-shaped device has no buttons. No need to turn on the device or perform any other manipulation. Just open the app and the device automatically pairs to your...


The piping and its colors

Everything related to colors is often subjective and covered with a more or less artistic blur. However, the standardization of colors for pipes has been an objective exception to this rule for years. This standardization is a solid and internationally standardized basis for the marking of pipes intended for the transport of liquid or gaseous...


The Octagons of Sikkens - Good to know

In order to obtain precise information on the long-term behavior of coatings, Sikkens employs a complex and extremely practical test method which provides data on coatings at the building and climate level. This diamond-shaped octagonal device is designed like a compass. Coated wooden panels are arranged there at inclinations of 0 °, 45 ° and 90 ° in...


Sestriere Anticondensia, heat-insulating paint

Sestriere Anticondensa anti-condensation paint is formulated on the basis of new insulating fillers of natural origin. It prevents the formation of mold due to the condensation of water vapor. It is ideal in all rooms with mold problems due to a cold bridge. By "heating" the wall by a few degrees, the ambient humidity no longer settles on the walls,...


New Color Guide page

In this new "Color Guide" page you can find all the "Color Futures" color guides Besides, the 2021 is already available! To the "Color Guide" page


Restriction of the use of anti-algae and anti-moss biocidal products

A modification of ORRChim ( RS 814.81 ) prohibits the use of anti-algae and anti-moss products on compact surfaces. Extract: 4 bis .2 Prohibitions It is forbidden to use biocidal products against algae and moss: at. on roofs and terraces; b. on locations used for storage; vs. on roads, paths and squares and around them;...


ABITA range - Good to know

The products in the ABITA range are marked by different colors, each with their own meaning and purpose. At a glance you can know what type of product you have in front of you. But do you know the meaning of these colors? ABITA "Interni": Cherry Blossom Unique colors Evolution of red, contaminated by blue and yellow. He brings...

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