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Summer closing from 27/07 to 07/08

Summer vacation Dear customers, This summer the store will be closed from July 27 to August 7. Orders and deliveries will be stopped during this time, do not wait for the "last minute" and ensure you are delivered before if you need equipment. All the Riviera Couleurs team wish you a great summer and a good holiday.


Prime Coat FZ 2K

Le Prime Coat FZ est l'évolution de notre primaire connu de longue date "Epoxyvin" il s'agit toujours d'un primaire époxy gris au phosphate de zinc à 2 composants. Il permet une plus forte épaisseur sur acier, acier galvanisé, aluminium et alliages légers. Le prime Coat FZ ne contient aucunes charges solubles (carbonates) et permet de ce fait une...


NEW! Cetol Wetterschutzfarbe "EXTRA"

In the world of painting there is no longer any need to present the product Sikkens Cetol WetterschutzFarbe , a perfect product for all wooden facades! This magnificent product has undergone an excellent update, its new name? Cetol Wetterschutz Extra What's new in this product ?! No more Cetol WetterschutzFarbe Isoliergrund product!...


New technical page

A new technical page with some useful tips has just appeared on the site. A theme, soon to be in season, on the maintenance of wooden terraces.


Zincoat Plus

Zincoat Plus is a quick-drying synthetic enamel that is very useful in many cases. It adheres directly to surfaces such as iron, steel, galvanized steel and light alloys but also many different plastics such as PVC and ABS. Once primed wooden surfaces also be covered. It can be prepared in any color, even in metallic shades in gloss or satin....


Nouveaux pigments métalliques

Nouveau dans la gamme: Désormais nous avons également des pigments métallique pour la résine epoxy. De quoi compléter le choix de couleurs et de possibilités. Ils peuvent être mélangés entre eux afin d'obtenir différentes nuances et sont parfaitement compatible avec la résine epoxy.  


ABITA - Sestriere Vernici

A journey started by colors, The Sestriere Abita color chart has had a facelift. New shade, sought with care and inspiration for more intimate and pleasant decor. Today, Abita tells new stories. Stories of traditions and roots, but with desires for renewal and trend. From these desires were born UNIQUE COLORS. Discover the colors


ColourFutures 2020

Each year, Sikkens color experts translate the social, economic and cultural trends that will define our concept of life for the coming period in color. These ColourFuturesTM will perfectly reflect this new lifestyle in your interior. Discover the new 2020 catalog with these warm trendy colors and succumb to their fascination.


Some references

Renovation of kitchen doors, tiles and work plan Before and after. Products used: Doors: Base coat with "eco Universal Primer", finish Rubbol BL Satura shade: GN.02.90 Tile: "Aquaplast", 2 coats, shade: A0.41.28 Worktop: "Aquaplast" 2 layers, color: RAL 7024 Photo taken after 2 years of use. Detached villa in Aigle, Herbol...


Cetol BLX Pro

The Cetol product range continues to prove this. At Riviera Couleurs we have been highlighting water-based products for many years. And not without reason! Below you will discover the latest resistance tests for Cetol BLX Pro Top.

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