Novacolor 2022 trend "we belong to nature"


The Novacolor 2022 decoration trend "we belong to nature" explained and illustrated below, certainly with poetry, but above all with the promise of breathtaking walls!

Inner strength, courage and the ability to face one's fears. We are from a story that taught us, children, to become skillful predators of a freedom that allows us to feel protected in a familiar and ancestral nature . As if we were a wolf, whose survival instinct coincides with the primordial return to where it all began, we feel the night in search of prey but always return to our refuge in search of peace and comfort. We belong to Nature .

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Novacolor welcomes this impetuous and instinctive laziness and transforms it into We belong to nature , the concept 2022 declined in decorative proposals that value and respect the nature that surrounds us, until it becomes the subjective framework through which to look at the world.

After the path dedicated to gratitude, symbol of a serene consciousness, personified with an ethereal but dominating light, capable of embellishing living and socializing spaces, Novacolor takes us to an evolutionary phase which, looking to the future , takes us back to the womb of Mother Nature. Material, natural, authentic and aerial textures they talk about this ambition and make it happen.

For the five shots of the We Belong to Nature campaign, some Novacolor products have been chosen, which represent the concrete commitment that the company has made for years for a sustainable future. CalceCruda Intonachino, decorative mineral coating with a strong natural connotation that contributes to living comfort and capable of significantly reducing the concentration of formaldehyde that may be present in the air. This last water green also belongs to Africa, a decorative coating for interiors based on metallic fillers that allows the creation of games of light and tactile textures with a strong aesthetic impact. Marmorino KS, which turns twenty this year, will be the protagonist of an online celebration campaign. This slaked lime based product for smoothing and satin effect finishes, is composed of hydrated lime, selected marble sands and rheological modifiers to ensure excellent workability. IRONic returns to the forefront with its unique features. A water-soluble system composed of a base product (IRONic Fondo) and an oxidizing finish (IRONic Liquido Antichizzante), which produces an oxidation totally identical to that which can be detected on a ferrous surface exposed to natural corrosion by atmospheric agents. Alongside IRONic, another high-impact product: Verderame Wall_Painting, an oxidized copper-effect decorative coating, for interiors and exteriors, produces an oxidation also identical to that of a copper surface exposed to corrosion by atmospheric agents.

Novacolor, a brand of the San Marco group, invests in innovation and offers decorative finishes capable of creating new market trends. A total commitment that has been channeled into the production for walls and floors with a 100% sustainable approach able to meet the needs of professionals, master decorators and individuals, protecting, through the progressive reduction of the carbon footprint and the use of materials with low environmental impact, the health of present and future generations. For years, Novacolor has been redesigning the production chain with a new approach based on the concept of “Biomass Balance” by replacing fossil raw materials with productive biomass from agricultural waste. In addition to having achieved indoor air quality A+, the products havewere the first in Italy to have received the REDcert2 certification, an important certificate awarded to companies that invest significantly in sustainable raw materials. Also recently the acquisition by the MATmotion and Puro_titanium & VOC free range of the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification which combines all European regulations on VOC emissions and almost all optional labels on VOC emissions, including not only testing and screening for thousands of chemists but also a product program to ensure that not only a specific sample is tested: all production batches are tracked over time and production processes are inspected as needed. Ask to be sure that it keeps the time of certification, which is obtained later, and also Puro_titanium water-based paint and VOC-free. A safe and reliable proposal that meets LEED, BREEAM, International, BREEAM NOR, DGNB, Well Building and Italian CAM Edilizia requirements.

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